Hi, my name is Deby, and I am a longtime lover of nature. My first memory of being completely astounded by the natural world was finding a moss agate, right under my feet. It opened my soul to what is over, under, and all around us in nature. This love of nature has informed the path I’ve been on ever since, and it has pushed me to express the shape and form of nature using copper.

          I work with copper, a material that comes out of the earth. Copper, Cu, #29 on the periodic table of elements is often included in the list of noble elements. I start with a flat sheet, heat it with fire, then begin to form and raise a shape by pounding over steaks, anvils, railroad rails, trailer hitches, any steel object that allows me to work the copper into an organic sculpture. My intention is to let the idea of leaves, pods and nests inspire each piece. I generally work in series, letting one idea lead to the next, bending, curling, and unfolding in a familiar way that lets nature influence the way we see the world.

          When I’m not working in my studio, you can find me on a motorcycle, exploring dirt roads and out of the way places in new countries and continents, always riding with my best friend and husband, Donn. Follow our travels at ADVdonnh.com.